IHT and MV Land Bank purchase land for a conservation based affordable housing initiative

Island Housing Trust | Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank

The Island Housing Trust (IHT) and the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank are pleased to announce a conservation based affordable housing initiative that balances the Island’s critical need for year-round workforce housing with the strategic conservation of open space.

The IHT has completed its purchase of a 14.8-acre parcel of land in Tisbury. As part of the purchase, the IHT has sold an 8.9-acre conservation easement to the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank. The conservation easement expands existing protected lands and an ancient way in the area.

The IHT intends to develop a neighborhood of 11 thoughtfully designed, energy efficient, duplexes on the remaining portion of the property to help address the Island and Town of Tisbury’s urgent need for year-round rental housing.

Please contact Philippe Jordi, Island Housing Trust Executive Director at 508-693-1117 or James Lengyel, Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Executive Director at 508-627-7141, for more information.