Homeowner Resources


Ground Lease Fee Collection Policy  – The ground lease fee collection policy and procedure.

Rental Procedure – Rental procedures as stated in the ground lease and a copy of the Income Verification Form.

Resale Procedure – Resale procedures as stated in the ground lease.

Radon Mitigation Program – amended 9/14/22 –  Radon Mitigation Program for IHT homeowners including radon information and facts.

Refinancing Procedure – Refinancing procedure as stated in the ground lease


Forming an HOA – Steps to establishing a homeowners association.

EIN Application – Application for an Employer Identification Number needed to form an HOA.


Healthy Homes Checklist – A comprehensive seasonal checklist provided by the National Center for Healthy Housing to help maintain a healthy home all year long.

Interior and Exterior Maintenance Schedules – Additional check lists for seasonal home maintenance.

Radon in Well Water – Information about Radon in drinking water.

Home Warranty Programs – Visit the Consumer Affairs website for information about and a comparison of home warranty programs.


Application for Child Care Program Funds – Low and moderate income Martha’s Vineyard families can apply for help with child care expenses.

Accessory Apartment Program of West Tisbury  – A new program created in West Tisbury to provide affordable housing opportunities to residents.