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IHT Model Ground Lease →

This is an example of the Island Housing Trust 99-year ground lease that is based on the Institute of Community Economics Model Ground Lease, as well as exhibits to the Lease including: Letters of Stipulation and Acknowledgement of Lessee and Lessee’s Attorney, Legal Description, Right of First Refusal, Bill of Sale and Deed, and Permitted Mortgage.

Lending Criteria for IHT

Lenders making mortgages on IHT properties must complete the Trust’s lending criteria form.

IHT Permitted Mortgage Agreement

This sample document is an agreement between the IHT and the mortgagor based on the terms of a “standard permitted mortgage” as defined in the IHT ground lease.

Fannie Mae CLT Fact Sheet

Fannie Mae and Community Land Trusts (CLT) are teaming up to provide mortgage finance solutions that create and preserve long-term affordable housing. This document explains the product feature underwriting and resources.

Fannie Mae CLT Checklist

Fannie Mae checklist should be used to help determine whether mortgages on Community Land Trusts (CLT) properties comply with Fannie Mae eligibility requirements.

Fannie Mae Selling Guide

This FNMA guide contains information concerning mortgage loans secured by a leasehold estate on property owned by a community land trust.

Fannie Mae Selling Guide: CLT Appraisal Requirements

This FNMA guide contains information on special appraisal considerations for properties subject to a community land trust.

Fannie Mae Uniform CLT Ground Lease Rider (form 2100)

If the lender wants to sell the mortgage to Fannie Mae, this rider must be executed to ensure the IHT ground lease is in conformance with Fannie Mae’s guidelines for Community Land Trust mortgages.

Freddie Mac Lenders Resource Guide/Library