Two Families Win the IHT Aquinnah Home Lottery

IHT, with the help of the Dukes County Regional Housing Authority, held a new home lottery on Tuesday, June 5th in Aquinnah at the start of the Selectman’s meeting.

Two families were awarded these lovely new homes in front of a cheering crowd. The first names to be called were Nancy, James and Laina Benoit (who have participated in three other lotteries). Amid joyful tears they hugged each other and smiled at everyone in the room! When Taylor and Sarah Ives heard their names called Taylor held their young son Louie aloft and said he couldn’t believe his son would be lucky enough to grow up in Aquinnah, just like his dad.

It was a fine evening and we all witnessed our community coming together to support these two families whose lives will be greatly enriched by having a stable, safe, affordable home forever. These are the moments which make all of the hard work our staff, partners and supporters do every day to move our mission forward worth every minute!