A Trip to the State House

Early Friday morning a few hundred Island residents, including students, got on buses and went to the State House in Boston to participate in a rally supporting the MV Housing Bank legislation. The MV Times joined them and reported on the gathering. To read the article click here.

photo by Eunki Seonwoo

Teachers are Leaving the Island

An article in the MV Times this week highlighted the difficulty teachers are having finding stable, affordable housing here on the island. They interviewed several people who candidly shared their struggle to remain in the community we all love. To read more click here.

Making the Case for the Housing Bank

Most everyone understands that we need more attainable year-round housing on the Island if we’re going to preserve our community. But there’s been lots of debate about the best way to create the housing we need for the people who live here. John Abrams wrote a compelling piece for the Vineyard Gazette explaining how voting YES for the Housing Bank could help us “change peoples’ lives without changing the character of our towns or overdeveloping”. To read John’s full commentary on this topic please click on this link.

photo of IHT Perlman House apartments in Tisbury by Randi Baird Photography